EBS Coaching Team

Wade Grundon   

Business Coach

  • Business & Sales Coach since 2007 – coaching thousands of business owners and sales teams across 4 continents.
  • Recognised in the top 1% of Business Coaches Globally
  • Successfully built and sold 7 companies
  • Certified Flippen Affiliate Coach with the Flippen Group, Texas, USA
  • Training Instructor with world renowned ‘Money & You’ Program

Wade thrives on supporting people both in business and in life.  He has an innate ability to have a positive impact on their lives, and his mission is to inspire people to achieve more – both in business and life outside of business.

Wade has a straightforward sales philosophy and believes that selling is about removing risk for a buyer, building trust, and providing them with a product or service that helps them achieve what they need. Wade’s ability to relate to business owners, and the experience he has gained across 15 years, gives him a distinct advantage in coaching businesses to success.

Wade is a natural motivator and has a key strength in growing and energising sales teams to become more successful.  His passion around educating, mentoring, and supporting business owners and their teams to elevate their skills and their beliefs around business has seen high levels of success across every industry.  Wade is also a natural presenter. He has the ability to quickly build trust, relatability and brings some fun to any presentation, whilst offering profound business and self-growth acumen.

Wade has previously owned businesses in Civil Construction, Earthmoving and Equipment Hire, Pest Control, Sporting Goods, Registered Training Organisations, and most recently the very well renowned ‘The Sales Squad’, where he enjoyed building a team of dedicated professionals to support large numbers of businesses on the Sunshine Coast and Australia wide.  These businesses benefited from coaching with Wade and the team, in all aspects of business, but most specifically around growing the Sales in their business.

Wade is big on continual self-growth and education and in the past 4 years he has accelerated quickly through the Money & You Program, where he is studying under the mentorship of Dominique Leone to become one of the handful of instructors worldwide.  Presenting, supporting, and leading participants through this program is a true passion of Wade’s and he is fast becoming a world leader in this program.

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