See why so many choose to work with the Entrepreneurial Business School and Bruce Campbell. The results are astounding personally and professionally. If the comments and video testimonials below aren't proof enough, contact our office for more information about our programs.

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I've worked with Bruce on a couple of different companies and businesses. He has a wonderful team that ooze professionalism and kindness. His knowledge is incredible but the winner for me was his ability to challenge different people in different ways to get the best out of them. Read More

Danielle Jury

Australis Roofing Pty Ltd / Shot Imagery

Have learned more than I could ever imagine not only through Bruce but the entire EBS community. Sincerely grateful. Read More

Kim Morrison

Twenty8 Essentials

For committed business owners who want to take their business to the next level (and beyond). From core personal development, all the way to practical how-to, Bruce and his team have helped accelerate the results in our business. Read More

Jim Hudson

Alchemedia Ltd

Have done nothing but learn and grow on a personal and business level due to the massive abundance of knowledge taught by Bruza. Read More

Mick & Amanda Astill

Astills Electrical Services

Learned a lot from what this company has to teach. These guys have a lot of integrity!! Read More

Kiran Varma

Varma Enterprises

Love the training and the supportive atmosphere. You've put us off onto an excellent start to our journey. Read More

Bruce & Pip French

Epona Co

Bruce and his team gave me the tools and space I needed to work on my business. The network I have developed is priceless. Read More

Nick Andrew

Shot Imagery

Coaching with Bruce will change your perspective, and will help you not just for your business but also personally. Read More

Neil Kaplan

Prosnet Business IT

This business school changed my business and my life for the better thank you Bruza. Read More

Joey Lee

Australis Safety Rail

Awesome learnings and great results. Would highly recommend business coaching with Bruce. Read More

Karissa Stallwood

In Touch Chiropractic

What a great experience, the learnings are brilliant. All the like-minded business involved have helped my growth through the journey. Thank you Bruza and EBS Team. Read More

Matthew & Tomomi Wynne

Wynnes Coaches

We have been working with Bruce since 2017, what a hugely valuable thing this has been - we have changed our business model and are reaping the time and financial rewards. Read More

Scott Shipman

Browns Caravan Park

Coaching with Bruce is worth more than we paid. Thanks for your guidance and advice. Read More

Karen Cosh

Cherubs In The Home

Great place, great learnings, great team, life-changing, Bruce is an incredibly intelligent man. Read More

James Eckart

Cyonic IT Professionals

Off the charts amazing. What you put in is what you get! We met so many amazing people. We laughed, we cried, we grew. Read More

Kris Aitken

Cut-It-Out Concrete Sawing & Core Drilling

This is the best thing we have ever done. Totally recommend this for anyone that has a business old or new to take it to the next level. Read More

Tony Fischer

Concrete Pool Renovation

Bruce and the whole EBS team have taken me along a fantastic journey in increasing my financial literacy and improving my business skills and knowledge. I could only highly recommend coaching with Bruce to anyone who is in business or thinking of getting into business. Read More

Ryan Olive

A1 Equipment Hire

Had the best experience getting coached by Bruce. The business and myself have shown a lot of change and progress over the past year. Read More

Hari Varma

Strategic Scanning Solutions

What an amazing experience I have had doing the Entrepreneurial Business School Programs. Met some amazing people and implemented the learnings to make a big difference to my business. Read More

Sallyann Dando

Beyond The Cloud Bookkeeping

If you're looking to transform your business and your life, I highly recommend you get in touch with Bruce and his team to arrange a discussion. Read More

Ashton Wood

IC3 Solutions

This changes your life and if you apply the teachings it just so happens to change your business too. Read More

Ryan Johnson

King I.T

If you are in business then you need to work with Bruce. Read More

Matt Fresser

King Truss

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