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What do a helicopter rescue service and a business coach have in common?  They work hard for the community; one saves lives, the other saves businesses.  And when they team up, that’s when the Action really happens!

Through ActionCOACH’s Coaching for A Cause Program (a free of charge business coaching service for non-for-profit organizations), Millionaire Level Coach Bruce Campbell has coached the AGL Action Rescue Helicopter Service since January 2010. “I have built a strong relationship with the team and the board, and felt it important to continue that relationship and will continue to coach them in 2013, despite the program typically lasting 12 months.”

“We have worked on improving team communication, supplier relations and applying for government/corporate sponsorship deals just to name a few. The program is valued at $60,000 per year in the form of 1 hour weekly coaching sessions and half day team meetings every quarter. I have also begun attending the board/management meetings every month to get a complete and up to date understanding of the organization, views and opinions and the development plan.

The chopper rescue team performs life saving rescues, run medical and search missions and saves lives throughout South East Queensland. The rescue crew is on call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and has served the community for over 30 years. It wasn’t until a family member of mine was in a serious accident and the helicopter transported her to a Brisbane hospital, that I truly understood the importance of the service, and of course I am grateful for their existence.

Working with this team has taught me a lot about the not-for-profit organizations, the importance of communication, the necessity of rescue services as well as helped me to improve my coaching technique.”

Campbell was recently inducted into the ActionCOACH Hall of Fame, and ranks No.1 Coach globally.  Campbell also holds awards for “Global Coach of the Year”, “Asia/Pacific Coach of the Year”, and “FCA Australian Franchisee of the Year.  

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