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BUSINESS coach Bruce Campbell says triggering life-changing turnarounds in his clients is a bit like a drug.

It's lucky for the Australian economy that he likes to get high, particularly when he has set himself a five-year personal goal of creating an extra 2000 jobs through his work.

The tally currently sits at 475.

"The number of people I've met whose businesses I have fixed and where I've got the husband and wife communicating correctly is huge, and that affects families," the Mooloolaba-based ACTIONCoach mentor said.

"And along with these 2000 jobs (as well the other work I do) there will be less bankruptcies, less marriage breakdowns and more support for communities."

Mr Campbell recently won the coaching network's global coach of the year award - the only person among the 1400-strong cohort of coaches worldwide to have claimed the title three times.

"The little old Sunshine Coast...we are changing the world," he said with a laugh.

Mr Campbell, who gets up every day at 4am for fitness and international coaching sessions, said mindset, education and sustainability were some of the pillars of his success.

"I have to be fit and have my mindset in the right place, just like an athlete," the former rugby player said.

"To use the sporting analogy, no one wins an Olympic gold medal without a coach.

"The ACTIONCoach motto is 'World abundance through business re-education'. Everyone can win if we all skill up and have that education with a mentor in the background.

"One of the big things I preach is sustainability and I eat my own cooking on it, too.

"In the last eight years I've put nearly half a million into my own education. I've skilled up so I know more than my client.

"If you want sustainability, you need sustainability in mentors. Some people outgrow a mentor and that's because the mentor probably wasn't growing himself.

"So that's why I need to stay in front of the game."

Originally from Cunnamulla, way out west of Toowoomba, Mr Campbell headed up a series of engineering and pharmaceuticals companies from a London base after he left school.

He signed on to the ACTIONCoach company and gained an MBA from a UK business school, among other qualifications.

He is married with four children, the latest a three-month-old boy.

Mr Campbell said a lack of critical thinking was the most common mistake he saw.

"Every good idea started out as a bad idea," he said.

"Business skills is another big one - people don't have enough or they are not well rounded. They might have come from a sales background but they are bad at accounting.

"And the other mistake is accountability - we let ourselves off the hook."

Mr Campbell spends between four and seven years with each client and has clients all over the world as well as the Sunshine Coast and outback Queensland.

► Marathon man

Bruce Campbell runs marathons, including one along the Great Wall of China, and flies to Austin, Texas four times a year to meet with his mentor, Keith Cunningham.

"Have you heard of Rich Dad, Poor Dad?" he asks.

"Keith is the rich dad."

"When I came into this game I looked at myself and realised I had been living with a fair bit of negative thinking.

"So I said the more I can be a pillar of change for the world, the more it will add value to the world and the more successful I will get.

"My parents instilled in me early that the game is there to be played; you haven't got long to play it and you might as well play hard." 

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