Peter Sutton

Peter Sutton

Strategy Coach

  • Master Professional Development (Organisational Transformation)
  • Bachelor Adult Education and Learning
  • Diploma of Teaching
  • National Award Winner – The Educator 2016
  • Author 

It’s rare that an individual can see the business big picture while having a critical eye for detail in the pursuit of success. Peter has committed his professional life to lead, coach and learn. The fascination with why one business can outperform another is still his greatest source of professional curiosity.

Peter’s simple change management ethos is to produce the best out of businesses with a focus on purposeful partnerships, shared clarity, and positive mindsets. He leads business owners supporting them to break down complex change into small achievable goals and actions to realise their success.

His insights draw upon his experience working across organisations in the small business, legal services, corporate, local government, not-for-profit and education sectors. He works with organisations in developing the best version of themselves to meet their existing and future demands.

His advisory work has been sought after in Australia and South-East Asia including Mars Corporation, Goodman Fielder, Apple-Asia, English Schools Foundation - Hong Kong, NSW Government, Victorian Government and Catholic Education NSW.

Peter’s early years started as a primary teacher in rural and remote New South Wales. His passion for learning and leading spanned a 20-year career in the education sector before pursuing a career in business.

Leading his own successful educational advisory firm for 11 years, Peter has effectively integrated theory into business practise utilising his strengths in project management, change management, coaching, professional development, human resources, workplace culture, adult learning, communication and community engagement. In 2016 Peter was recognised in the Educator Magazine’s 2016 Hotlist, for his contributions to education across Australia.

Peter is a consummate communicator authoring a book on the impact of technology trends on education. He is at ease with a one-to-one conversation as he is when presenting to a large auditorium. Articulate, humorous, honest and to the point, he uses his creativity and versatility to solve problems, design and create businesses of the future.

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