Nolly Griffiths

Nolly Griffiths

Accountability Coach

  • Bachelor of Communications
  • Certified Trainer and Assessor
  • 20 years’ business and corporate experience
  • Executive Leadership in private and public enterprise
Nolly has years of experience in business and corporate environments, including working for Fortune 500 organisations and leaders. Her experience is translated into helping businesses set realistic and achievable targets and goals. Nolly understands the demands of business on an individual and works with them to shape a positive and growth mindset, so they can reap the rewards of a rich and fulfilling personal and professional life.
Nolly’s early years started as a journalist writing tax and business articles for The Australian, and business magazine Personal Investment Monthly. Over the years, she developed her effective written and oral communication skills across a wide variety of industries. She is a seasoned public speaker and is confident presenting to small and large groups.
She held executive leadership positions in agriculture, retail, corporate, government and, education. Over the past 20 years, she has effectively implemented change management processes, worked with start-up businesses, created national sales and marketing campaigns, project managed multi-million dollar building and construction projects and, managed large teams of over 50 employees.
Nolly values family time with a passion, spending time with her husband, teenage daughter, and their dog, at the beach, camping, or playing board games on a rainy day. She also loves to cook and entertain as often as possible but most of all she is committed to her own personal development and to living the best life possible.
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