Kirsten Horner

Kirsten Horner

Business Coach

  • Expertise in project management, online marketing, and leadership mindset training
  • 20+ years of hands-on success in full commission sales
  • Bachelor of Architecture & Environmental Science
  • Internationally certified Results Coach for life and career success
  • Certified hypnotherapist facilitating personal transformation
  • Certified DISC Profile Assessor

Kirsten brings a wealth of experience to the EBS team of coaches, empowering business owners to reach next-level success in their business and personal life.

Kirsten’s career began in the construction industry and moved into communication, health and personal development. Some of her key strengths include:

  • Project management experience to prioritise your next steps.

  • Strategic planning to bring win-win outcomes for clients.

  • Skills in engaging with trades, managers and professionals at all levels of business.

  • Contract negotiation and pricing for profitability.

  • Proactive troubleshooting, mitigating challenges before they escalate.

  • Dedication to innovative lead generation and effective marketing plans.

In addition to expertise in sales and marketing, Kirsten completed world-class training in internationally accredited coaching, behavioural communication and sales psychology, growing her own coaching business for 4 years. Throughout, she developed valuable skills creating live presentations, group training events and personalised online programs.

Kirsten brings an understanding of the challenges business owners face as they set out to establish and scale their business - without burnout! Through her coaching she shares transformational skills in mindset and team leadership, so clients can systematically grow their business to new levels of success.

Outside of work Kirsten is passionate about photography and enjoyed three years as an aerial photographer, still hooked on fast photography from the air. In her spare time, she enjoys painting, drawings and time out in nature with family, friends, and her canine companions.

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