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Name any successful sporting team or sportsperson who doesn't have a great coach in the background providing strategy, motivation, guidance and support. The same things apply to business, yet most people in business don't have a coach, therefore, don't achieve all the goals they want to. 
The level of coaching you need will depend on your business mastery and the intensity of support and coaching you need to achieve your goals. These coaching programs have helped thousands of business owners and entrepreneurs achieve significant results in their businesses.
Whether you a looking to start a business, wanting business advice or marketing ideas for your small business, seeking a way to improve your business intelligence and entrepreneurship, need online business coaching, or are investigating business opportunities to buy or sell a business, Entrepreneurial Business School has a program that can help you reach your business goals. 
"You may delay, but time will not" - Benjamin Franklin


One to One Coaching is the most popular coaching program for business owners and entrepreneurs, as it forces business owners to focus and devote the time necessary to achieve measurable results. 

This program suits those business owners and entrepreneurs who are committed to getting their business ahead.  The type of business that most benefits from this program is is a business whose owner wants their business to implement strategies for improvement as quickly and effectively as possible. From weekly coaching calls and goal setting sessions, to creating marketing campaigns, to improving your bottom line results and finding new business opportunities. Together with your Business Coach, Bruce Campbell, you´ll develop new sales strategies and business systems that enable you to grow your business intelligence and work less hours in your business. 

Bruce will work with you on your sales, marketing, online strategies, team-building, financial mastery and business development initiatives in a one-to-one environment. You´ll learn everything you need to know about how to turn your business dreams into business realities. 


This program is for business owners and entrepreneurs who have already achieved a sound level of ‘Business Mastery’ and want to expand it further in attainment of their goals.

Your Board of Directors group will consist of 10-12 (maximum) invited business owners or entrepreneurs. The Board of Directors is not an open invitation to the public at large, but rather a hand-selected group of individuals who will have already have worked with Entrepreneurial Business School or with high level teachers that have been approved by Bruce. The Board of Directors program is not a seminar, rather a controlled and facilitated discussion around growth and expansion of each Board Member’s business or businesses.

Your qualified Board of Directors will help advise, watch, direct, set strategic direction and monitor execution and progress toward the objectives and goals of the business as well as to generate new ideas to build, grow, market, expand and diversify their businesses. In addition, your Board will question your assumptions, hold you accountable and help you avoid the icebergs which loom on the horizon. Furthermore, your Board is an additional set of discriminating eyes to help guide you through the process of creating a sustainable and profitable business.

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The Entrepreneurs University Program is a 12-month program for business owners and entrepreneurs who desire more skills, tools, inspiration and guidance to achieve their goals. The program is designed for people who are committed to raising their ‘Business Mastery’ and willing to invest time, money and energy into the success of their business.

Regardless of where you are on the entrepreneurial ladder, this program can help your business with: Starting a Business – Business Loans or Grants – Business Insurance - Business Plans – Sales – Marketing – Team Building – Business Development Initiatives and Growth Opportunities. This business coaching for entrepreneurs will expose you to the many entrepreneurial skills required to step your business up to the next level.

The Entrepreneurs University Program works as a closed meeting for a group of entrepreneurs and business owners who are committed to developing their business intelligence through transformational entrepreneurial principles. It is not a seminar, there is no “drip" feeding or teaching from the front of the room, rather a facilitated discussion around growth and expansion of each Program Member’s business across the duration of the 12-month program.

If you’re a business owner or an entrepreneur in the making and committed to preparation, abundance, and giving 100%, then contact us now for more information on how you can enrol for this powerful Entrepreneurs University Program.

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This 12-month program is for business owners who have already completed 12 months coaching on the Entrepreneurs University Program, and want to further advance and progress the foundations that have already been accomplished through the first year of the Entrepreneurs University Program. The Entrepreneurs University 2.0 Program (EUP 2.0), is taught by Entrepreneur & Master Business Coach Bruce Campbell.

The program is designed as an exclusive (by invitation only), closed meeting for a group of entrepreneurs and business owners who have completed 12 months coaching on the Entrepreneurs University Program.

Your EUP Advanced 2.0 will consist of businesses and business partners, spouse or life partner. The EUP Advanced 2.0 will be more hands-on than the Entrepreneurs University Program. The focus will be on  increased application of the learnings to your business that have already been taught surrounding growth and expansion of each Program Member’s business. The EUP Advanced 2.0 will focus on dedicated  coaching and application on these main topics, primarily …. Culture and Mindset Within your Workplace, Marketing, Sales, and Wealth Creation Strategies.

We’ll be bringing in hand-picked Specialist Speakers on these topics to coach alongside Bruce Campbell, to add further value to this Program. These Specialist Speakers are independent experts in their fields who  will share their knowledge, skills, and experience with you. These Specialist Speakers will do in-depth training on the main topics (Wealth, Marketing, Sales, and Team Culture), on the introduction day of each of our 4 meetings. Combined with the core EUP Advanced 2.0 program, this provides the perfect foundation to help you thrive in a supportive environment.

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