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Create abundance to give to those in need

At Entrepreneurial Business School, we are ignited by a profound passion for creating a positive impact. We wholeheartedly embrace the opportunity to support our selected charities through diverse fundraising initiatives and events that occur throughout the year. Our highly anticipated annual Entrepreneurs Forum is just one example of our commitment to making a difference. As a community, we strive for abundance with the intention of extending a helping hand to those in need. Explore our past fundraising initiatives and discover the remarkable charities we have had the privilege to support around the world.

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Kyampisi Childcare Ministries (KCM)

KCM is a registered not for profit organisation in Uganda. KCM aims at giving the vulnerable children of Uganda, physical, emotional, and spiritual springboards which will enable them to live lives that are full, productive, and positive.

Ugandan people are at risk of an unthinkable human rights violation, namely child sacrificing. Child sacrifice is a deeply ingrained and harmful practice that continues to occur in some parts of Uganda. It involves the torture or murder of minors as a part of spiritual sacrifice promising blessings of prosperity or cures for illness. This practice is obviously unlawful, but due to extreme poverty, ignorance and fear, it is persisting. KCM is working with the Ugandan government to help end child sacrifice in Uganda and provides support to those who have been affected by this horrific practice through rescue and rehabilitation, education and awareness, community outreach, legal support, and long-term care.

Since 2018, EBS has greatly impacted KCM through their efforts to increase funding and visibility for the organisation, successfully raising funds at the EBS Annual Gala Charity Dinner. Additionally, the EBS community sponsors more than 300 plus children and the founders Bruce and Georgie accompany clients on a Humanitarian trip to Uganda to support the crucial work of KCM. This has resulted in the building of a 1250 square metre Rehabilitation Centre for vulnerable children, supporting the local primary school, the opening of a Medical Centre, and ongoing support for children in need.


Bridge Christian Ministries

BCM was established in 2000 as a not for profit organisation in Uganda, within the slums of Nateete. BCM endeavours to bring hope to the children and families of their community by defending human dignity through providing teaching, mentoring and aiming to support the UNICEF basic needs of human beings: nutritious food, health care, shelter, education, protection from harm.

EBS partnered with BCM in 2023 identifying a massive need to improve the standard of living for the people of Nateete, the need is greatest around providing education, clean and reliable water supply, nutrition and healthcare. EBS has a vision to fund the purchase of the land to build a further education facility, commence a feeding program and improve the water supply for the community of Nateete.


The Kokoda Track Foundation

In Australia, we seldom need to worry about our children having access to school, or being able to see a Doctor or healthcare professional when we need to. However, in PNG the day-to-day reality for people, parents and communities, is vastly different.

Imagine having to walk 10 kilometres through jungle to reach school or to receive medical treatment. For many of us we simply jump in a car, get on a bus, or call an ambulance. Yet in PNG, where 85% of the population lives in rural and remote areas, this is the norm. Less than 2% of children who begin Grade 1 will go on to complete Grade 12. There is an average of 0.58 health workers per 1,000 people in PNG. The World Health Organisation recommends 2.5 per 1,000 simply to maintain primary care.

The Kokoda Track Foundation funds education, health, and livelihood opportunities for the families of rural and remote Papua New Guinea.

At our Annual Gala Charity Dinner hosted by EBS, the Kokoda Trekkers recounted the experiences and lessons learned on their journey through the Kokoda Trek. The evening also hosted a Live and Silent Auction to raised AUD22,000 for a deserving charity The Kokoda Track Foundation.


AGL Action Rescue

From January 2010 – 2013, founder Bruce Campbell’s coaching expertise played a vital role in the growth of the AGL Action Rescue Helicopter Service. Through the Coaching for A Cause Program, he provided valuable insights and guidance to the organisation, helping them navigate various challenges and achieve their goals. As a result, the business grew and thrived under his leadership and AGL Action Rescue merged with LifeFlight Australia.

The chopper rescue team performs lifesaving rescues, runs medical and search missions and saves lives throughout Southeast Queensland. The rescue crew is on call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and has served the community for over 30 plus years. It wasn’t until a family member of founders Bruce and Georgie Campbell in 2023 was in an accident and the LifeFlight helicopter transported to a Toowoomba hospital, that EBS truly understood the importance of this service.

At our Annual Gala Charity Dinner hosted by EBS, business owners gathered to raise AUD17,500 towards LifeFlight.


Children’s Therapy Centre

Over the Queens Birthday Weekend (6th – 8th June 2015) founder Bruce Campbell took part in the Tatts Finke Desert Race 2015. Although this had been a personal goal for Bruce for many years in the preparation, he was also riding to raise money for the Children’s Therapy Centre where one of his daughters has attended for more than a decade for various therapies including Speech Therapy, Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy and Family Support Services.

At our Annual Gala Charity Dinner hosted by EBS, business owners gathered to raise AUD15,000 for the purchase of a specialised communication tool for the children of the Children’s Therapy Centre.


Digger’s Rest – ‘A Soldier’s Retreat’

Beerwah, Sunshine Coast – 

Due to Australia’s involvement in ongoing military conflicts, our country is witnessing an increase in the number of soldiers who are failing to assimilate effectively back into society on their return from active duty or their resignation from the military.

Many of our troops may be aware that they are in need of help at some level, but continue the mental struggle (PTSD) in private. We are seeing more of these scenarios as time passes as this is taking its toll on our soldiers and their families.

Diggers Rest – ‘A Soldier’s Retreat’ has been born by the desperate need to reconnect with our soldiers past and present. No soldier needs to struggle alone and the sad truth is that we are losing roughly one Digger a week to suicide.

To date, the majority of the Diggers Rest has been funded by husband and wife team through their private company. Their mission is to create a friendly, relaxed environment on 22 privately owned acres providing activities for any soldier, past and present, and his/her family who feels the need to reset their minds and reconnect. The self-catering accommodation cabins are built by the ex-servicemen, and serve as a place for soldiers and their families to stay in, at no cost, for periods of two to three days at a time. However, any soldiers in need of additional time are encouraged to return on a regular basis.

At our Annual Gala Charity Dinner hosted by EBS, business owners gathered to raise AUD22,000 for the purchase of a tractor to assist with the maintenance required for the accommodation and surrounds.


Salvation Army

The importance of supporting in our local area is also vitally important, the Salvation Army has been around for 150 years across Australia – in cities, country towns and rural communities – their work touches every demographic and age group. They are involved in national issues while also bringing hope to people who may be experiencing hardship or injustice.

EBS has generously donated over 200 bicycles to the Salvation Army, benefiting families facing financial distress and hardship. As the EBS community continues to grow, we are committed to increasing the number of bikes donated each year. These bicycles are specifically gifted to children from families in need, providing them with a source of joy and support during challenging times.


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