Brendan Ellis

Brendan Ellis  

Strategy Coach

  • Senior level management of various companies across multiple Industries
  • Master Professional Development (Motivation in Business)
  • BSc Agricultural Economics
  • DISC Advanced Accredited Coach
  • Expertise in HR & IT Systems, Management Systems & Process
  • Brendan loves seeing business owners realize their dream.

Brendan is driven to assist business owners to regain the joy and satisfaction of owning a successful business.

Brendan brings an extensive career of senior management experience and now shares his knowledge and expertise with other business owners.

Having over 30yrs experience in General Manager, CEO, or executive management positions, Brendan has earned his stripes as a successful leader that has managed teams of various sizes.  He is skilled in leading teams through sustainable change, creating unity, and maintaining good team morale.

He has worked across multiple Industries and now has expertise in accounting & finance, project management, logistics, manufacturing, agriculture, exporting/importing, food production, and construction and development.  Yes, he is curious and well-travelled.

Brendan’s sought-after management skills resulted in him working in eight different countries including Zimbabwe, South Africa, Swaziland, the United Kingdom, Guyana, Jamaica, Sri Lanka, Papua New Guinea, and Australia where he now calls Toowoomba home.

In his spare time, Brendan is a “Strong First Instructor” and “Chief Happiness Officer” and has gained a place in the World Tactical Strength Challenge.  He Kayaks, mountain bikes, plays for QLD in underwater hockey, adventure races, deadlifts, meditates and cooks.

Brendan has been an International Representative & Coach in Rugby.  He is AICD Accredited, runs community service monthly BBQ’s for Men’s Health, and his great fascination is learning about metabolic health and promoting “wellbeing” in all its forms. Brendan has a charismatic and engaging connection to people and the world around him and thrives on supporting everyone uniquely on their journey.

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