Eliminate the 'I Know' Mentality

This week I would like to share with you, my thoughts regarding the “I Know” mentality and how it negatively impacts our development as business owners and as people.

We are facing challenging times right now. There is no denying this fact. However, life changes when we look at it differently.

Too many business owners are basing the success of their business or lack thereof directly on the current economic conditions. No matter what they do it won’t matter because they have no control over the results their business produces. They belief the success of their business is tied directly to the current economic conditions.

Is this a fact or is it a belief? The truth is it is a belief that too many business owners have accepted. They have chosen to recognize their beliefs as proven facts. When, in actuality, a belief is nothing more than someone’s perception of reality.

So how does this relate to the “I Know” mentality? Well, most of the people that blame the current economic conditions I come in contact with already know everything. No one can teach them anything.

What does the “I Know” mentality do to these individuals? It cripples their thinking and their mindset. It limits their beliefs and their ability to get creative, which in turn sabotages their business from being successful.

The biggest challenge I see from my experience is that business owners are wallowing in their own self-pity because their business is down and/or rapidly dwindling. They spend all day complaining about the economy, when they should be asking themselves, “How do I make my business work in this economy?”

The truth is business is different. People are stilling buying products and services they just aren’t buying them from you.

What this economy has taught me more than anything else is that what brought me business in the past won’t bring me business now. Sitting back and waiting for customers to arrive isn’t going to happen.

Now is the time to get creative, differentiate your product or service and explore new opportunities to make your business work for you.

This economy isn’t for lazy business owners. This economy is for creative, open-minded business owners that are enthusiastic about what they have to offer. It is for business owners that are determined to make their business successful regardless of what challenges they must overcome.

This is a time for business owners that don’t have the “I Know” mentality. It is a time for business owners that are aware that they don’t know everything and are committed to finding out new ways to increase their knowledge, develop new skill sets and commit 100% to developing new ways for their business to achieve success.

If the economy isn’t the issue for the “I Know” business owner, what is the issue?

The lack of commitment to continuing education and improving oneself is the issue. The inability to see the value in learning something new by reading a book a week, participating in quarterly planning sessions, listening to dynamic speakers and being held accountable for personal and professional development on a weekly basis are what is holding them back.

These key building blocks are what differentiate a successful business owner that seeks coaching and a business owner that knows it all.

So my question to all the “I Know” business owners out there is, “If you can no longer blame the economy for the challenges in your business, who can you blame?”

The only honest answer you can give is you and your lack of commitment to constant and never-ending improvement!

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