10 Ways to Orient Yourself Around Your Values

The definition of 'values': 'Those qualities of behavior, thought, and character that society regards as being intrinsically good, having desirable results, and worthy of emulation by others.'

Picture the Identity Iceberg... The deepest, core aspects of you achieving your results are environment, identity, and VALUES.

Isn't it interesting that the stronger your values appear to be, the more valuable you will be perceived by others. Think of values as forces that can help make pep talks and motivational speeches less necessary in your life. Orienting around your values offers a pathway to unity, wholeness, centeredness.


  1. Values are the interests or qualities that attract you. A value is something you naturally feel is important to you, whether it's family, honesty, financial success, or anything else of worth. Understand and list your five core values.
  2. Understand the difference between needs, wants, and values. Values are activities, preferences, or behaviors that you are naturally drawn to. Needs are resources, people, feelings, or situations you must have in order to be your best. When you get your needs met, you'll have more time for your values.
  3. It's hard to discover and orient around your values if your needs are not met. One of the greatest side benefits of getting needs met is that the number and intensity of your wants will decrease, which puts fewer obstructions between you and your values. Determine your needs, and what it takes to meet them.
  4. Orient your life around your values. A value is a theme, not just a focus; something you can weave into all aspects of your life. Get involved in activities that let you express those values.
  5. Values help you better-set goals. Whenever you're considering a certain goal, run it by your list of values first. Does it fit in or express any of them? If so, it's likely to be worthwhile for you.
  6. When honored, values lead to opportunities. Some people are afraid that being clear about their values will hurt them in society. In fact, clarity of values will steer you toward what is right for you in your career and in your personal life.
  7. Values help you screen and filter. In addition to goal setting, value setting will allow you to better screen and filter events, surprises, and people that come your way. If you're not sure how to respond to a person, problem, or opportunity, run it by your core values. If it fits or qualifies, embrace it.
  8. Values give you something to honor. When you know your values (which generally stay the same through your life), you can lean on them and honor them, which will reorient you during times of transition. If you're upset or confused and can't completely honor yourself in some moment, simply honor your values.
  9. Equate your goals with your values. Match up your five core values with your five most important goals with these values. If there's a goal that can't find a match, think of how you might change it so it will line up more closely with your values. It's a great exercise for becoming truer to yourself.
  10. Use values as a catalyst and motivator to get needs met. In addition to getting your needs met, then working on identifying and expressing your values, you can also start with identifying your values first. This works well for people who are strongly in touch with their values, and reinforces the Law of Attraction: since needs and values keep looping back into each other, you'll discover and manifest everything that's specifically important to you.

As you strive to become more valuable and become perceived as more valuable by your prospects and your community, make it a point to align yourself with your core values. Value for value. You will have no regrets, whatever happens, as long as you have been true to your values.

Make it a point to leverage this article; employ the concepts and information into your life and business, as well as those of your clients.
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