About Bruce

  • Global Business Coach of the Year (10 x Winner)
  • 2 Time International Stevie® Award Winner - "Company of the Year"
  • International Stevie® Award Winner - "Chairman of the Year"
  • Asia/Pacific Stevie® Award Winner - "Company of the Year"
  • Acclaimed Author  "Where's My Cash Gone?®"
  • Guerilla Marketing Accredited Practitioner
  • Flippen Group USA Certified Flippen Affiliate Coach
  • FCA Australian Franchisee of the Year

Bruce Campbell MBA is Founder and Principal Business Coach of the Entrepreneurial Business School®. He is recognised as the #1 Business Coach globally and has been extensively awarded for his work through various international bodies.

Bruce has done business in 31% of all the world’s countries and was awarded a Stevie Award for Company of the Year - Business Services - at the 2014 & 2015 International Business Awards. Bruce is 9-time winner of the Action Coach Business Coach of the Year Award, and 9-time winner of Action Coach Asia/Pacific Coach of The Year. Bruce travels between his 4 offices in Dallas USA, Hong Kong PRC, Chennai INDIA and on the Sunshine Coast Australia, speaking, teaching, and coaching thousands of business owners and entrepreneurs every year.

Bruce has an MBA from Aberdeen Business School (UK), Bachelor of Health Science (B.Hlth Sc.) from Australia and has invested well over a million dollars into his further education and most importantly to him, has a ‘degree in life’ with over 20 years business development experience. Bruce has served as a Director and Senior Manager on numerous management teams in Australia and the UK (of which he was the youngest Director in a 60 Million GBP turnover company at the age of 25). Bruce’s corporate background and allows him to identify business opportunities and challenges and guide business owners and entrepreneurs through the transition from growth to maturity, working through the numerous dynamics that affect this evolution.

Bruce is mentored by the 'Rich Dad' Keith Cunningham (see also www.cfoscoreboard.com). Bruce has developed his business intelligence through study under many of the leading entrepreneurs, and business teachers and programs including, Brad SugarsJay Conrad-Levinson "Guerrilla Marketing”, Flip Flippen (Leadership Behaviour Coach), Charles Ritchie CEO/ChairmanScore Group PLC and Money & You®/Creating Wealth programs via Excellerated Business School for Entrepreneurs

Bruce has personally coached thousands of business owners and entrepreneurs around the globe and has an uncanny track record of coaching business owners to life changing financial results. He is passionate about seeing all businesses as thriving enterprises. His expertise in entrepreneurship, business strategy, marketing, sales, international business, foreign exports and human resource management stem from working in a diverse range of industries including Health and Wellness, Food, Agriculture, Engineering, Pharmaceuticals, Mining, Oil and Gas.

Bruce has also added the title of acclaimed author after the launch of his first book Where’s My Cash Gone?® which is gaining traction as a must-read for all business owners and entrepreneurs. Where’s My Cash Gone?® is a book that provides business advice, cashflow strategies and transformational principles every successful modern entrepreneur and business owner must know.

Bruce’s family are of extreme importance and he very much enjoys spending quality family time with his wife Georgie, and their 4 children. Bruce is an active sportsman playing and coaching rugby union for over 26 years. Bruce has a keen interest in other cultures and countries and enjoys reading non-fiction books on war history, autobiographies and travel. He also loves cooking, the finest red wine and blues & acoustic music.

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