Chris Turner

Chris Turner   

Business Coach

  • Adv Dip Business
  • Certified Trainer and Assessor
  • NLP Master Prac. & Trainer
  • 30 years Coaching Exp Sporting/Fitness Sector

Chris has extensive years of experience in the fitness and sporting sector having coached from grassroots all the way up to Elite level as a Head Strength and Conditioning Coach in multiple sports such asBasketball, AFL and Rugby Union.

His ability to help athletes and coaches set realistic and well-defined targets and goals based on his experience is what sets him apart from other coaches. Most athletes he worked with are very appreciative of the results they achieved but unappreciative of the process because his care factor for their pain ran almost at zero. Zero excuses, out work everyone else and always compete to win were common themes with anyone who crossed his path.

Before moving to the Sunny Coast he worked extensively in the corporate fitness world with some ofAustralia’s largest fitness chains as a National Manager. In 2005 his entrepreneurial pathway began when he opened his own training studio where he grew that business over the next 17 years from a very small studio to a large 350m2 commercial venture which also went on to franchising until he sold it in 2022.

Chris has successfully held executive leadership positions as a sole entrepreneur and intrapreneur which gives him a heightened angle to help any business in coaching and scaling to grow. His strengths lie in Sales, Marketing, Strategy and Management with a splash of knowing how to help people perform at their best.

Chris values maintaining a strict fitness/ health regime which echoes through his Wife and 3 kids all of which are highly involved in state and national level sports. If you manage to work with Chris, be sure to buckle in and get set to be held accountable for every thing you want to achieve in business and your personal life!

Quote: “Be the 1% of people willing to do what it takes. Be the warrior. The warrior trains, battles andnever backs down. If you want to achieve the unachievable, being a warrior is the only way!”Goggins.

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