Time Mastery

“Every successful person I've ever met fits more into their day”

- Bruce Campbell

Most people would love to work less hours and earn more money... they just don't know how.

Time is a limited resource for most business owners, so it must be mastered if you want to achieve your goals within the timeframe you set. Time mastery is all about setting priorities and sticking with them. This usually requires discipline and at the end of the day, business owners and entrepreneurs need to find what works best for them.

When it comes to mastering your time consider this, there is a big difference between activity tasks that keep us "busy," and productivity tasks that take us closer to our goals. Most business owners are busy, but are they busy doing the right things? 

The 4 main types that most tasks fall into:  

1. Not Urgent, Not Important – things that distract us from our goals.

2. Urgent, Not Important – things that we are deluded by. 

3. Urgent and Important – things that put demands on us.

4. Not Urgent and Important – things we do that lead to our goals.

The important step is before taking on anything, ask the question of which category it falls into, then say NO to the distractions, help others or delegate to deal with the delusions, put systems and processes in place to reduce the demands and make time for the things that will bring the business closer to reaching goals.

Global Business Coach, Bruce Campbell, works with startup businesses, business owners, entrepreneurs to improve behaviours and processes around time mastery. Bruce will go through the steps to help his clients identify what is it exactly that they want to achieve, ensure this gets them excited, and then work out a plan of action to achieve it.

If you would like more advice or ideas on how to improve your time mastery, get in touch with us today. 

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