“Sell the benefits, not the product or service”

- Bruce Campbell

Sales are the cornerstone of any business, though most business owners do not know their sales conversion rate, and typically estimate it to be somewhere between 60 and 70%, which is usually far higher than it is.

A key challenge business owners face with the sales people they employ is inconsistency in sales results. Many business owners struggle to pin down the reasons for these inconsistent results and usually end up having a high turnover of sale team out of pure frustration.

The ability for sales people to get consistently good results is quite within the control of the business owner despite what they might think. The business just need an effective sales system. Your sales process is essentially a series of steps that outline the interactions which occur between the sales person and your prospective or existing customers. It's "what you do" and "how you do it" and includes all the supporting tools and resources needed for each step in the sales process.

Having a detailed sales process established in a business can assist with increasing conversion rates, it simplifies the training process for new team members and can help to develop stronger relationships with customers to improve retention and repeat business.

Global Business Coach, Bruce Campbell, works with startup businesses, business owners, entrepreneurs to explain the process through which they can grow their business by converting prospects into customers. Bruce breaks down the sales process bit by bit, shows how to maximise sales conversion rates and then puts strategies together for each individual business that have proven records for success. 

If you would like more advice or ideas on how to improve sales process or customer conversion rates, get in touch with us today.

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