“Rule #1 - if your activities stay the same, so will your results”

- Bruce Campbell

The journey towards business success begins here. There is no greater factor responsible for success, or failure, than an individual’s mental attitude. It is imperative that business owners begin by preparing their mind with the attitudes and perspectives that will set them free to achieve their business goals.

The critical impact of attitude can be seen every day in the business world. What one business owner may see as a disaster, another business owner may see as an opportunity. This is what is called Above or Below the line thinking. Below the line business owners or entrepreneurs will blame others, make excuses and are in denial, whereas Above the line thinkers take ownership, are accountable and take responsibility for their actions.

Too many businesses operate for years in below the line thinking and attitude. They stay in business, they grow, they pay the bills and serve customers, but they never reach their full potential. What impact would the business make with an above the line attitude? Profits would increase. Productivity would increase. The energy in the work environment will be more positive. The list of potential improvements to a business is endless.

It is vital to remember that how your day goes is totally up to you, how you react to situations and what opportunities are ahead even through disasters, is up to you. Is your attitude above the line? Do you take ownership, accountability and responsibility for everything in your business? Or do you play below the line?

Global Business Coach, Bruce Campbell, works with startup businesses, business owners and entrepreneurs to change their mindset to that of an above the line thinker, creating more positive and productive work environments and encouraging personal growth to achieve business success.

If you would like more advice or strategies on mindset and personal development, get in touch with us today.

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