“If your marketing plan doesn't have a marketing calendar, it’s not a marketing plan”

- Bruce Campbell

Most businesses think of marketing as an expense because they keep writing checks for their marketing, but don't see anything coming back in return. The true entrepreneur knows that marketing is not an expense, it's an investment. It's an investment because for every marketing dollar that goes out, more money should be coming into the business.

So why is this true for some businesses and not others?

So many business owners and entrepreneurs focus their whole life on cost reduction. Working long hours and cutting costs just to make ends meet. Although keeping costs down is still of great importance, if business owners really want to make money, they’ve got to generate more income.

Most businesses also spend about 90% of their time on getting their product or service to the market place to serve their customers. This leaves only 10% of their time to focus on sales and marketing. To make real money in any business, it is necessary to focus 50% of their time on distribution and 50% on sales and marketing.

A business owner or entrepreneur who is looking to grow their business through results-driven marketing, and who seeks to multiply business profits by smart and successful marketing strategies, Global Business Coach, Bruce Campbell, has the experience and tools to get on the right track.

Whether its creating a marketing plan, setting goals, identifying a niche or unique selling position or deciding which marketing channels will best suit a target market, Bruce has winning strategies to switch a business’ marketing from an expense to an investment.

If you would like more advice or strategies on marketing or lead generation, get in touch with us today. 

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