“You want more Velocity in your business, you must have even better Optics to keep up with the Speed.”

- Bruce Campbell 

Most business owners have probably heard the saying, “Cash is King,” and truly, a healthy Cashflow is a vital part of any successful business. Net income doesn’t pay the bills and neither do the assets or equity in a business. Only cash pays the bills. Without a doubt, proper Cashflow management in a business is critical to growth and longevity.

Every business owner should develop a good understanding of basic Cashflow principles and then analyse the various areas that affect the timing of cash inflows and outflows in your business. It’s about knowing how to read the scoreboard, understanding the game’s rules, and how those rules can affect the level of success as a business owner or entrepreneur.

The reality is, most business owners have no understanding of cashflow strategies and as a result, have no idea how to interpret the scoreboard. Essentially, they’re running their business based purely on their bank account, and then wondering why there isn’t enough in there.

Global Business Coach, Bruce Campbell, works with business owners to maximise their business profits through smart and proven business strategies. Bruce works with entrepreneurs and business owners to increase their business intelligence around financial mastery and learning how to read the scoreboard.

If you would like more advice or strategies on cashflow, get in touch with us today.

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